The Mother Who Stayed

Author: Laura Furman
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 9781439194669
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The middle trio in The Mother Who Stayed revolves around the lives of Marion's
minor characters—minor to Marian, that is. Your collection focuses on mothers
and daughters. What draws you as a fiction writer to these relationships? You
might say that the relationship has been my life's study. My mother died when I
was young, and the relationship between mother and daughter always drew me
because it was one I didn't have as an adolescent and an adult. Once I was a
mother ...

Variations In Hospital Length Of Stay Their Relationship To Health Outcomes

Publisher: DIANE Publishing
ISBN: 1428924078
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They found no difference in the incidence of complications among either mothers
or infants discharged early, as measured by subsequent development of illness
in the infants when seen as outpatients, by readmission rates, and by mortality
rates. More of the short-stay mothers were dissatisfied (7. 7 percent) with their
LOS than were those mothers who stayed longer (1.8 percent). The authors
concluded that while they did not document any risks to early discharge, the risk
of neonatal ...

Adventures Of The Romeo Gang Pot Luck In Mexico

Author: Mark Ryan
ISBN: 0557365317
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We crouched down behind some trees and watched as the Coyote was scolding
the mother to keep her child quiet or be left behind. The child continued to cry
and the Coyote slapped the child hard and told the mother to stay here with her
child and he would come back for them later. The group left the mother and child
behind and disappeared in the woods ahead. We knew that the Coyote would
never return. However, the mother stayed put and tried to quiet the child. In a
short time ...

The Mother Knot

Author: Jane Lazarre
Publisher: Duke University Press
ISBN: 9780822320395
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That looked like work to him, and my constant movement somehow reinforced my
intention to ignore him. Preferring to do anything rather than play one more game
, I cleaned all afternoon. In the silence of Benjamin's total absorption in his own
game, I thought of Marie, working at the cleaning, washing and ironing while
three babies played in the playpen. She had not "stayed home with her children."
They had stayed home with her as she did her work. We, the middle-class
mothers of ...

The Evolution Of Childhood

Author: Melvin Konner
Publisher: Harvard University Press
ISBN: 9780674045668
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In Joel Kaplan's (1972) similar study of squirrel monkeys (Saimiri sci- ureus),
mothers in isolated pairs avoided and punished their infants more and retrieved
them less than mothers in group -living pairs, and isolate-pair infants made more
attempts to stay with their mothers and stayed closer to them, although (at least at
some ages) group-living infants nursed more. Grooming and looking at infants,
likely indicators of maternal concern, was higher in group -living mothers. The
tendency ...


Author: Kalman J. Kaplan
Publisher: Psychology Press
ISBN: 9780876309278
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The daughter responded by running away from home, converting the
individuation issue into one of detachment. The mother searched for the daughter
and brought her back home telling her that she loved her. Again, the mother
stayed on the same attachment dimension while disagreeing with her daughter.
This example is very revealing from a TILT point of view. Whereas the daughter
kept confusing the individuation and attachment dimensions, the mother
expressed disagreement ...

Collected Courses Of The Academy Of European Law Recueil Des Cours De L Acad Mie De Droit Europ En

Author: Academy of European Law Staff
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9401710740
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a woman's role as a mother and her role as a wage-earner never seem to extend
far enough actually to provide equality or independence to women. ... Would the
Court really allow a Member State, if it chose, to limit all child benefits – let's say
from tax deductions, to Kindergeld, to free university education – to children
whose mothers stayed out of paid employment, as long as the Member State
characterized the benefit as a benefit to the mother to protect her special
relationship to ...

Corrections A Text Reader

Author: Mary Stohr
Publisher: SAGE Publications
ISBN: 1452289921
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pregnant women or the length of time babies could stay with their mothers. The
most common practice was for superintendents to permit mothers to keep their
babies for a short time or not to keep them at all. However, in two states, the time
limit was 2 years, and in three states, there was no time limit (Zemans & Smith,
1946). The states in Zemans and Smith's report listed the number of women;
however, none reported a figure for the number of children, though many alluded
to their ...

The Cottager S Monthly Visitor

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I stayed some time ; for I saw that my young friend's last hour was speedily
approaching ; he suffered a good deal from exhaustion, and said, " Mother,
perhaps the doctor could give me something to soften my pains till my appointed
time comes," and the next moment added " but I put my trust alone in God." He
then lay quiet for a few hours, when he uttered in a low, earnest tone, " My Lord,
my Saviour !" — and breathed his last. Who shall describe the mother's anguish ?
— I cannot ...

Inspirational Parenting

Author: Kate Miller
Publisher: BalboaPress
ISBN: 9781452537016
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His mother explained, “We seldom serve alcohol, we just enjoy nice wines and
he's obviously not old enough to respect a lovely glass of wine.” Her voice was
not angry or disrespectful toward her son; she believed what she was saying.
What their child actually needed was a lifestyle change that included his entire
family. So on they struggled, in and out of meetings, for years. When the boywas
twenty he went away to yet another treatment facility, where he stayed for the next