The Rediscovery Of Gnosticism

Author: Bentley Layton
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GRUENWALD The scholarly discussion of the relation between Judaism and
Gnosticism has taken various directions. The chief problems discussed by
scholars are: (a) the amount, form and nature of the contribution of Judaism to the
formation of Gnosticism; (b) the extent and nature of the Jewish polemic against
Gnosticism ; (c) the assumed influence of Gnosticism on Judaism ; and (d) the
possible existence of a ...

The Rediscovery Of Gnosticism The School Of Valentinus

Author: Bentley Layton
Publisher: Brill
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But the coherence and seriousness with which the Gnostics had argued their
case was obscured by a lack of first-hand documentation and by deliberate, if
well-meaning, obfuscation on the part of their ancient opponents. Not only does
the rediscovery, and now complete publication, of the Gnostic Library of Nag
Hammadi go far to fulfill this lack; it also enables us to move beyond the
essentially heresiolo- gical inquiry into the alleged priority or origin of Gnosticism,
towards a ...

Gnostic Revisions Of Genesis Stories And Early Jesus Traditions

Author: Gerard P. Luttikhuizen
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The Rediscovery of Gnosticism, II, 662. 48 Cf. the question posed by J. Strugnell
in the discussion after Robinson's paper: “is it not possible that only verbal
parallels and not the mythic structure were drawn from the Fourth Gospel?”, in B.
Layton (ed.), The Rediscovery of Gnosticism, II, 667. In “John and the Gnostics”,
57, A.H.B. Logan contrasts the appeal to “individual possible Johannine allusions
” with the appeal to “the underlying structure which the myth presupposed”; cf.
also the ...

Beyond Gnosticism

Author: Ismo O. Dunderberg
Publisher: Columbia University Press
ISBN: 0231512597
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Peter Nagel, Berliner byzantinische Arbeiten 45 (Berlin, 1974), 165–172, esp.
165–166; Hans-Martin Schenke, “The Phenomenon and Significance of Gnostic
Sethianism,” in The Rediscovery of Gnosticism, ed. Bentley Layton, SHR 41 (
Leiden: Brill, 1978), 2:588–616; the masterful synthesis by John D. Turner,
Sethian Gnosticism and the Platonic Tradition, BCNHÉ 6 (Québec: Les Presses
de l'Université Laval, 2001); and the recent introduction by Michael A. Williams, “
Sethianism,” in ...

Guilt By Association

Author: Geoffrey S. Smith
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 019938679X
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See, for example, the essays by F. Wisse “Stalking Those Elusive Sethians,” in
Sethian Gnosticism: Proceedings of the International Conference on Gnosticism
at Yale, New Haven, Connecticut, March 28–31, 1978 (vol. 2 of The Rediscovery
of Gnosticism; ed. B. Layton; Leiden: Brill, 1980), 563–78; and M. Smith, “The
History of the Term Gnostikos,” in Layton, Sethian Gnosticism, 796–807. I am
suggesting, however, that such moments of skepticism were the exception rather
than the ...

The Complete Idiot S Guide To The Gnostic Gospels

Author: J. Michael Matkin
Publisher: Penguin
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They reaffirm the potential of science fiction to provide a new mythical story to
communicate ancient gnostic ideas, and to do so in a popular medium like film.
Let's face it, Valentinus could not have been as much fun to watch as Keanu.
Science fiction movies aren't the only place we've been seeing the gnostics lately
. In the next chapter, we'll look at ways that the rediscovery of gnosticism by the
public has been generating new and controversial takes on history and what we
think really ...

The Gnostic Bible

Author: Willis Barnstone
Publisher: Shambhala Publications
ISBN: 9780834824140
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Shimin, Geng. “Recent Studies on Manichaeism in China.” In Studia Manichaeica
: Proceedings of the Second International Conference on Manichaeism, edited by
G. Wiessner and H.-J. Klimkeit, 98–104. Wiesbaden: Harrassowitz, 1992. Sieber,
John H. “The Barbelo Aeon as Sophia in Zostrianos and Related Tractates.” In
The Rediscovery of Gnosticism, edited by Bentley Layton, 788–95. . “Zostrianos.”
In The Nag Hammadi Library in English, edited by James M. RobinSon, 402—30.

Backgrounds Of Early Christianity

Author: Everett Ferguson
Publisher: Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing
ISBN: 9780802822215
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The Gnostic Dialogue: The Early Church and the Crisis of Gnosticism. New York,
1980. Layton, Bentley, ed. The Rediscovery of Gnosticism. 2 vols. Leiden, 1980-
1981. Rudolph, Kurt. Gnosis: The Nature and History of Gnosticism. San
Francisco, 1983. Logan, A. H. B., and A. J. M. Wedderburn. The New Testament
and Gnosis: Essays in Honour of Robert McL Wilson. Edinburgh, 1983. Strousma
, G. G. Another Seed: Studies in Gnostic Mythology. Leiden, 1984. Hedrick,
Charles W., Sr., ...

Marsan S Nh X

Author: Wolf-Peter Funk
Publisher: Presses Université Laval
ISBN: 9789042908550
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P. Nagel; Berliner Byzantinische Arbeiten 45; Berlin: Akademie Verlag, 1974),
165-173, and "The Phenomenon and Significance of Gnostic Sethianism" [
hereafter cited as "Gnostic Sethianism"], in The Rediscovery of Gnosticism:
Proceedings of the International Conference on Gnosticism at Yale, New Haven,
Connecticut, March 28-31, 1978 (ed. Bentley Layton; Supplements to Numen 41;
Vol. 2, Sethian Gnosticism; Leiden: E.I. Brill, 1981 [hereafter cited as Rediscovery
]), 588-616.

Mystery And Secrecy In The Nag Hammadi Collection And Other Ancient Literature Ideas And Practices

Author: Christian H. Bull
Publisher: BRILL
ISBN: 9004212078
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The following abbreviations are used throughout this article: CH = Corpus
Hermeticum; SH = Stobaei Hermetica; FH = Fragmenta Hermetica; DH =
Defijinitions of Hermes Trismegistus to Asclepius. 1 Morton Smith, “The History of
the Term Gnostikos,” in Sethian Gnosticism (vol. 2 of The Rediscovery of
Gnosticism: Proceedings of the International Conference on Gnosticism at Yale,
New Haven, Connecticut, March 28–31, 1978, ed. Bentley Layton; Leiden: Brill,
1981), 796–807; Michael ...