Nightmare Along Pennsylvania Avenue

Author: Perry F Stone
Publisher: Charisma Media
ISBN: 1599799936
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Abraham Lincoln in reply to a letter from a friend in Illinois, cited in Dorus Morton
Fox, The Silver Side1900 Campaign Text-book (New York: W. B. Conkey, 1897
), 32. 22. Woodrow Wilson, The New Freedom (New York: Doubleday, 1913), ...

Routledge Handbook Of Major Events In Economic History

Author: Randall E. Parker
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 0415677033
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Fox, D.M. (1897) The Silver Side, 1900 Campaign Text-Book, Chicago, IL: W B.
Conkey. Friedman, M. (1992) Money Mischig': Episodes in Monetary History,
New York: Harcourt BraceJovanovich. Friedman, M. and Schwartz, A.J. (1963) A

Republican Campaign Text Book 1900

Author: Republican Party (U.S. : 1854- ). National Committee, 1900-1904
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6 United States figures Include Treasury notes, represented by silver bullion In
tbe Treasury. ... In the following table, the daily wage rates reported in New Yor St
. Louis and Chicago are shown side by side with those reported f London, ...


Author: Percy Stanley Fritz
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Dorus M. Fox, The Silver Side, was the textbook for the 1900 campaign, which
still tried to keep the issue alive. Col. Ed. F. Browne, The Silver Dollar — A
Business View (Denver: Chain and Hardy, 1892), is well-organized but over-

American Book Publishing Record Cumulative 1876 1949

Author: R.R. Bowker Company. Dept. of Bibliography
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Campaign literature, 1914 — Democratic — Pennsylvania. ... Whittlesey house,
McGraw-Hill book company, inc., 1932. .... The silver side, 1900 campaign text-
book; a symposium constituting a bimetallic educational treatise, with a review of

The Republican Campaign Textbook

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An Analysis ol the Platform— The St. LouU-Esopus E-plsode— The Rejected
Gold Plank— The Silver Planks, which remain the Party's Latest ... on the
Currency Issue — Record of the Democratic Party on the Currency Question—
The Vote on the Gold Standard Act of 1900. ... This committee had a protracted
debate on the money question, one side standing for the moderate Williams
plank and the other ...

Democratic Campaign Text Book

Author: Democratic National Committee (U.S.)
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Mr. Chairman, the campaign promises of the dominant party have not been met
in the pending measure. ... On that side of the Chamber scarcely a Member has
spoken who has not condemned one or more provisions of this bill. ... deduct
from the receipts the item of profit on account of the coinage of the silver
seigniorage and the item of cash derived from the sale of railroad bonds? ...
6,164,248 1900 .

Republican Campaign Text Book

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Again, during the fiscal -year, 1900, both our exports and im)Ol'tS exceeded all
previous records. ... On the import side, in spite of the high Jrlces of commodities
which rule not only at home but,abr0ad ye. are ... During the past three years our
excess exports of silver has imounted each year to between $21,000,000 and ...