The Story Of The Irish In Boston

Author: James Bernard Cullen
Publisher: Forgotten Books
ISBN: 9781330943762
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Excerpt from The Story of the Irish in Boston: Together With Biographical Sketches of Representative Men and Noted Women HE purpose of this work is to give an account of the settlement, progress, and development of the Irish and their ...

The Nation

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The second five volumes of the “Beacon Biographies" edited by M. A. DeWolfe
Home and published by Small, Maynard & Co., will be 'Franklin,' by Lindsay Swift;
'Audubon,' by John Burroughs; 'Aaron Burr,' by Henry Childs Merwin; ... but not
untried or unknown writer; 'Irish Life and Character,' by Michael MacDonagh; and
'The Warden,' a biographical sketch of the late head of St. Stephen's College,
Annandaie, N. Y., by his son, Henry A. Fairbairn, M.D. L. C. Page 8: 00., Boston,
who ...

The Nation Electronic Resource

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A Story of Our Toilers. Boston: a rain Publishing Co. Matson. H~nry. Knowledge
and Culture. Chicago: A. C. McClurg R Co. 75:. Meyer, Kuno. The Voyage of Bran
: An Old Irish Saga now nrat edited. Vol 1. Iondon: iiavld Nutt. Mllilgan. Rev.
George. The English ilihle: A Sketch of its History. London: A. a». C. ulack: New
York: Randol h. .'lOc. Morshca . E. D. A. The Ajax and Electra of So hocles
translated into English Prose. London: ethuen o. Nettleship. Prof. Henry. Lectures
and Essa s.

Journal Of Education

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Admirable portraits are given of representative men in American history,–
Columbus, the discoverer; Franklin, the philosopher; Penn, the founder; Webster,
the statesman; Washington, the patriot; Longfellow, the poet,-beautifully
engraved by Closson, Johnson, and ... In addition to his apt illustrations from
biography, local history, and vivid descriptions of the manners and customs of our
people, he has furnished a clear outline in his excellent topical analysis of each
period for reviews.

The Athenaeum

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The stories chosen come partly from the 'Lettres de mon Moulin,' partly from the “
Contes du Lundi,' and include, besides the title tale, 'M. Séguin's Goat' (to which
we ourselves should have given the place of honour), “The Stars,' 'The Red
Partridge,' and several of the sketches of the war of 1870–71. It makes a very
pretty and agreeable little book. UNDER the title of Old Court Life in Spain (
Chapman & Hall), Mrs. Minto Elliot has put together two volumes of fact and
fiction regarding ...

The Athenaeum

Author: James Silk Buckingham
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The stories chosen come artly from the 'Lettres de mon Moulin,1 \rt\y from the '
Contesdu Lundi,' and include, asides the title tale, ' M. Seguin's Goat ' (to hich we
ourselves should have given the place : honour), 'The Stars,' 'The Red Partridge,'
id several of ... Putnam's Sons, reprints of the late Miss Kavanagh's pleasant
volumes Woman in France during the Eighteenth Century ; from Mr. Arnold, a
new edition of Student and Singer: the Reminiscences of Charles Santtey; from

New Outlook

Author: Alfred Emanuel Smith
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Publish this Day: OLIVER WENDELL HOLMES Complete Poetical Works.
Cambridge Edition. Uniform with the Cambridge Editions of Longfellow and
Whittier. With Biographical Sketch, Notes, Indexes, a Steel Portrait, and engraved
title. Crown 8vo. gilt top, $200; half calf, gilt top, $3.50; tree calf or full levant, $5
50. RULING IDEAS OF THE PRESENT AGE By Washington Gladden, D.D.,
author of " Tools and the Man," etc. i6mo, $1.25. A timely book of great value, the
fruit of careful and ...