The Tibetan Almanac

Author: Hodge
ISBN: 9781859060346
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Using the charts and symbolism within the traditional paintings in the book the almanac can be used to seek answers in all areas of everyday life, from career and relationships to spiritual development.

K Lacakra And The Tibetan Calendar

Author: Edward Henning
Publisher: American Institute of Buddhist Studies
ISBN: 9780975373491
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Chapter IV The Tibetan Almanac In the previous chapters I have described most
of the calculations used to produce the Tibetan calendar. I use the word "
calendar" to refer to two things: the system, including the necessary algorithms
and ...

A Handbook Of Tibetan Culture

Author: Graham Coleman
Publisher: Random House
ISBN: 147355022X
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A Guide to Tibetan Centres and Resources Throughout the World Graham
Coleman. Tibet ... From the ages of thirteen to eighteen he studied astrology at
the Tse Mindroling monastery, and acquired proficiency in the Tibetan almanac.
He also ...

Bodies In Balance

Author: Theresia Hofer
Publisher: University of Washington Press
ISBN: 0295807083
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The Art of Tibetan Medicine Theresia Hofer. 1.9 A Tibetan almanac. Dharamsala
Men-TseeKhang, Himachal Pradesh, India Chapter 2 Body and Mind in Tibetan
Medicine and Tantric. and animal products. Medicinal substances are ...

High Frontiers

Author: Kenneth Michael Bauer
Publisher: Columbia University Press
ISBN: 0231509022
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For example, Saldang villagers use horses (ta) to plow fields, while those in
Tinkyu and Polde villages use yak and yak-cattle crossbreeds to till. Every year,
the head village lama consults the Tibetan almanac and astrological calendar ...

International Encyclopaedia Of Himalayas 5 Vols Set

Author: Ramesh Chandra Bisht
Publisher: Mittal Publications
ISBN: 9788183242653
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The Lepcha write their language in their own script, called Rong, which is derived
from the Tibetan script. ... If the marriage deal is settled, the lama will look through
the Tibetan almanac to check the horoscopes of the boy and girl and to ...

Lands Of The Thunderbolt

Publisher: Asian Educational Services
ISBN: 9788120615045
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CHAPTER XIII THE ROAD TO CHUMBI IT was in the Earth-horse year of the
fifteenth cycle of the Tibetan almanac, corresponding to the year A.D. 1918 of the
less imaginative Gregorian calendar, that I crossed the dividing line between
Sikhim ...

Human Ecology Of Sikkim

Author: Kuldip Singh Gulia
Publisher: Gyan Publishing House
ISBN: 9788178353258
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... Sikkim Every year special recitation is conducted and the seal is checked by
the high officials and Lamas before the Vase is taken out of the mansion. The
Vase is opened on the night of the 14th day of the first month of the Tibetan

Survey Of China Mainland Press

Author: United States. Consulate General (Hong Kong, China)
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TIBET New Tibetan Almanac welcomed by Emancipated Serfs and Herdsmen (
NCNA- English Lhasa, Jan. 31, 1976) china's tibet autonomous region has put
out an amply illustrated almanac for 1976, the year of the fire dragon on the
tibetan ...

Survey Of People S Republic Of China Press

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TIBET New Tibetan Almanac Welcomed by Emancipated Serfs and Herdsmen (
NCNA-English Lhasa, Jan. 31, 1976) Chi na "S tibet autonomous region has put
out an amply i Llustrated almanac for 1976, the year of the fire dragon on the ...