Thinking About Law And Ethics

Author: Ellsworth L. Fersch
Publisher: iUniverse
ISBN: 0595476732
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Ahout the Book This volume grew out of my Harvard course on Law and Ethics,
subtitled Making the Moral Decision, and is modeled on three earlier books that
answered approximately one hundred frequently asked questions and featured
approximately fifteen case examples about the insanity defense, and the sexually
dangerous, and psychopaths and psychopathy. This book follows a somewhat
similar organization to those, though the case examples here are incorporated
within ...

Dangerous Tides

Author: Christine Feehan
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 9781440630859
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She didn't think or feel sexually. Men were colleagues and she was busy, too
busy to try to tame her wild hair and put on makeup and pretend she had breasts.
But every single time she looked at Tyson Derrick she melted, grew hot and had
extraordinary erotic fantasies. She felt sexy even with her raccoon mask eyes, her
burnt nose and wild hairdo. He could make a goat feel Sexy. For heaven's sake,
Libby, I can't keep a straight face. A goat? Libby burst out laughing. Stop reading
my ...

Dangerous Men

Author: Mick LaSalle
Publisher: Macmillan
ISBN: 1466876042
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of the more inconvenient and embarrassing aspects of sexual attraction. With
popular expression not limited by some 1932 ... Of the dangerous men of
preCode, Gablewas themost sexually dangerous. As we saw earlier, his brutality
to Norma Shearer in A Free Soul ... accepted and understood womenas sexual
beings. In thecaseof the Latin lover Valentino, this would be expected, but Gable
often played American lugs, hard guys withsome pretty narrow ideas, generally

Illinois Appellate Reports

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Both agreed that respondent was a sexually dangerous person with a propensity
for committing acts of sexual assault against children. One psychiatrist testified
that if he did not think respondent would continue committing these crimes in the
future, he would not consider him sexually dangerous. The psychiatrists
disagreed on whether one could be a pedophile and not be sexually dangerous.
One psychiatrist believed that a person who was able to control his urges to
molest children ...

Sexually Psychopathic Personality Disorder And Sexually Dangerous Persons

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The supreme court overturned the commitment, saying: We think ii clear that the
legislature intended the probate judge to have the exclusive authority to
determine whether the patient was a psychopathic personality and that the
examining doctors functioned only as expert witnesses rather than as coequal
members of a judicial tribunal.9' II. SEXUALLY DANGEROUS PERSON
COMMITMENTS. A. Enactment Of Sexually Dangerous Person Commitment Law.
Because of the various ...

The Broken Trust Sexual Abuse Of Children

Publisher: Lichtenstein Creative Media
ISBN: 1888064781
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If you--if you study a population that's in a--an institution for sexually dangerous
persons, such as we have here in Massachusetts, you might find statistics as high
as 70 percent. If you look ... GOODWIN: Dr. Bradford, do you have any thoughts
on that percentage that goes on to become abusers? Dr. BRADFORD: I would
agree, I think the figures--our figures are around about a third of the pedophiles
we see were sexually abused themselves, which means two-thirds weren't. So--
so it's ...

Illinois Appellate Reports

Author: Illinois. Appellate Court
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Based on the interview, the MMPI, and a review of respondent's records, Miller
opined that respondent is a sexually dangerous person who has suffered from
pedophilia since at least 1983 or 1984. Miller also opined that, because
respondent continues to spend time around children, his “risk for reoffending is
very high.” According to Miller, respondent's prognosis is poor based on his long
history of pedophilia, his poor response to treatment, and his current level of
denial. Also, due to ...

North Eastern Reporter Second Series

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Defendant who was charged with criminal sexual assault and sexual relations
within families, and who had prior conviction for sex offenses, was found to be
sexually dangerous person (SDP) by the Circuit Court, Sangamon County,
Robert J. Eggers, J., and was ordered committed to Director of Illinois Department
of Corrections. Defendant appealed. The Appellate Court, Steigmann, J., held
that defendant's fitness to stand trial was irrelevant to proceeding under Sexually
Dangerous ...

Boundaries Of Touch

Author: Jean Halley
Publisher: University of Illinois Press
ISBN: 0252091450
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These days, children are thought to be in grave danger of being touched violently
, abusively, or sexually in public places like day-care facilities and schools. The
result of this collective fear of touching is that children who spend significant time
in (for example) day care may not be receiving the physical contact they need to
thrive. At the same time, real dangers to children, such as malnutrition and
hunger, poor schooling, and violence at home, are often overlooked. And
although most ...