True To Life

Author: Patrick Elliott
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This book presents the very first overview of British realist painting of the period, showcasing outstanding works from private and public collections across the UK. Of the forty artists featured in the show, many were major figures in the ...

Author: Laurent Binet
ISBN: 9786169205265
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New Britain Museum Of American Art

Author: New Britain Museum of American Art
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Highlights of the Collection New Britain Museum of American Art, Pamela T. Barr,
Henry Adams ... early expressive and decorative paintings of nature; realistic
urban, industrial, and rural subjects of the 1920s and 1930s; and late paintings
that return to nature, combining the fantasy and romantic vision of the early works
with the stylistic realism of the middle period. ... With these depictions of urban life
, critics recognized Burchfield as a forerunner of the new American Scene


Author: Kulturrådet (Sweden)
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Unpacking the term reveals a range of issues including the technical (how this
should be done), the sociological (whose life is being considered), the political (
the responsibility and ability of film-makers to change the social order) and the
philosophical (whether film can ever escape from artifice). A commitment to
realism helped to define the character of British cinema in the late 1940s, the
debate focusing on how the real world should be presented, the assumed value
of realism and ...

British Art In The 20th Century

Author: Susan P. Compton
Publisher: Prestel Pub
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the modern movement Susan P. Compton, Royal Academy of Arts (Great Britain)
Dawn Ades ... The 1 908 - 1 o series of works painted in response to the real-life '
Camden Town murder' of 1907, caused a considerable moral outctry. ... The
1920s saw an increasing number of public honours bestowed on him, among
them the presidentship of the Royal Society of British Artists (1927-9) and
associate membership of the Royal Academy in 1924, followed by full
membership in 1934 from ...

Women Artists

Author: Elke Linda Buchholz
Publisher: Prestel Publishing
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Naive art: Painting - and to a lesser extent sculpture - produced by untrained
artists with a European cultural background Free of academic tradition, naive
artists lend fantastical form to subjects taken from real life or the imagination,
often in an ... It is characterized by a predilection for the linear and the
symmetrical, and for flatness rather than plasticity Neue Sachlichkelt (Ger ., New
Objectivityl: Movement in German painting in the 1920s and early 1930s that
rejected the intense ...

The British Collection At Carrick Hill

Author: James Schoff
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the Hayward bequest of British paintings James Schoff. example of Matisse (and
Gauguin, O'Conor's mentor), to stabilise lush sensuousness of subject and
brushwork within some geometric background elements. Smith's landscape,
painted, as was the nude, in the south of France where he lived in the 1930s,
abandons itself wholly to nature's stormy turbulence. Such agitated paint-
handling is commonly described as expressionist and although today we admire
Matisse for the ...

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at Nigel Greenwood Chaissac Gaston see 4677 In the absence of heroes: the
early work of Georg Baselitz Chalfont Jefferson David see 7788 Plane truths:
19th century American trompe l'oeil painting Chalke John 4988 John Chalke (
Prime ... the 1920s and 1930s as he travelled extensively throughout the country,
Although he remained largely a thematic painter throughout his career, in the
closing years of his life he tumed to landscape painting, Chasseriau Theodore
4997 Mezhdu ...

America History And Life

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5219d Howe, William. American Revolution. Armies. Great Britain. Military
Campaigns. Pennsylvania (Philadelphia). 1777-78. 1000b Howells, William
Dean. Architecture. Authors. Biography. James, Henry. Slowc, Harriet Bccchcr.
Wharton, Edith. 1850V1937. 4345d — . Authors. Biographies. 1837-1920. 1400b
— . Authors. Interviews. Realism. 1883-92. 1449a — . English language. Novels.
Race. Rhetoric. Social Classes. Standardization. 19c. 8073d — . Fiction.
Insurance. Realism.