Author: Daniel Nehrbass
Publisher: Ambassador International
ISBN: 1620206633
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In UnTrapped, Dr. Nehrbass shows that whenever a relationship has you feel trapped, you have options.

An Untrapped Mind

Author: L. R. Austin
Publisher: Author House
ISBN: 1420874322
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" This book did not only provide emotional healing For The author but it expresses the author's feelings about violence, racism, and oppression that still exist.

Fusion Plasma Physics

Author: Weston M. Stacey
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 3527669531
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The maximum radial displacements of guiding center orbits occurs when a
trapped particle becomes untrapped, or vice versa. Thus the radial motion is
diffusive in nature and may be characterized by a diffusion coefficient D ~ (
characteristic displacement)2 _ (Ax 3 (354) N characteristic time 1,The
characteristic time is the scattering time. For trapped particles, this is the time
required to scatter through the pitch angle a = G and become untrapped; in terms
of the 90° scattering time, 790, ...

Gravitation And Astrophysics

Author: James M. Nester
Publisher: World Scientific
ISBN: 9812772928
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Astrophysics, Shanghai Normal University, 100 Guilin Road, Shanghai 200234,
China E-mail: tung(Qshnu.edu.cn A smooth, three-dimensional submanifold of
spacetime is a dynamical untrapped hypersurface if it can be foliated by a family
of closed 2-manifolds S such that each foliation is an untrapped (mean convex)
surface. If further on each leaf S, the dual expansion vector is tangent to the
dynamical ...

Types And Programming Languages

Author: Benjamin C. Pierce
Publisher: MIT Press
ISBN: 9780262162098
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Cardelli (1996) articulates a somewhat different perspective on language safety,
distinguishing between so-called trapped and untrapped run-time errors. A
trapped error causes a computation to stop immediately (or to raise an exception
that can be handled cleanly within the program), while untrapped errors may
allow the computation to continue (at least for a while). An example of an
untrapped error might be accessing data beyond the end of an array in a
language like C. A safe ...

Laser Program Annual Report

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2-54 we show the simulated trapped and untrapped gains near the center of the
foil for the 0-1 line at 71 A and the 2-1 line at 100.39 A. The untrapped case is
calculated in XRASER by neglecting radiation transfer for the nickel-like
resonance lines. The time- and space-averaged gains (including refraction) are
obtained by comparing intensities calculated by SPECTRE at lengths L = 1.67
and 3.48 cm. The calculated and experimental average gains for the 60-//g/cm2
target with an ...