Video Icons Values

Author: Alan M. Olson
Publisher: SUNY Press
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Video Icons & Values: An Overview Alan M. Olson The broadcast industry
recently celebrated 50 Years of Television, and the half-century mark is accurate,
given the medium's commercial inception in 1939. Accounting, however, for a
decade of disruption in the flow of consumer products during World War II and
Korea, the time span is closer to 40 years. One would think that nearly a half
century of virtual saturation by this medium should be sufficient to assess its
cultural effects.

The Magic Kingdom Of God

Author: Michael L. Budde
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Christian Century,]&n. 31. Morgan, Michael. 1984. Television and democracy. In
Cultural Politics in Contemporary America, eds. Ian Angus and Sut Jhally.
London: Routledge. Mowlana, Hamid. 1987. Mass media and culture: Toward an
integrated theory. Religious Education 82:2. Murphy, Craig N. 1996. Seeing
women, recognizing gender, recasting international relations. International
Organization 50:3. Murray-Brown, Jeremy. 1991. Video ergo sum. In Video Icons
and Values, eds.

Android Apps For Absolute Beginners

Author: Wallace Jackson
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The next thing to do is change the configuration parameters, or attributes, of
these <ImageView>child tags to reduce the size of these icon graphics, as well
as push them up into the corners of the video. This will allow more of the planet
fly-over ... Let's remove the padding and negative margin parameters and use a
much more simple android:layout_margin parameter with a value of 8dip to push
the icons away from the edges of the screen. To scale the icons down, you
replace the ...

State University Of New York Research

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Video Icons & Values Alan M. Olson, Christopher Parr, and Debra Parr, editors
State University of New York Press 189 pages $1495 paper, $4950 hardcover
Video Icons & Values examines television's social and moral implications with an
eye toward making it a more effective agent for articulating culture and values. As
Alan M. Olson points out in his introductory chapter: “If one is to deal critically and
constructively with the matter ... one has to begin by acknowledging the video fact

Proceedings Of The National Science Council Republic Of China

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2: else 13: Xe-X + “|,” +1 14: end if I 5: ne-1 16: for each icon I" with R. (I")=i and I'z
/ 17: Xe-X + “=” + I I 8: end I 9: end if 20: end 21: end Algorithm V.1 constructs a
normal 1D-String from a video query in the x-axis. The icons in the video query
are sorted according to their R, values in the rank. If the R, values of two adjacent
icons are the same, an appositional relationship “=” is inserted between them (as
shown in line 17). Otherwise, an adjacent relationship “l,” is inserted (as shown in

Digital Marketing

Author: Ira Kaufman
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"Digital Marketing is an easy-to-understand guidebook that helps the reader to adopt a digital mindset, incorporate digital trends strategically, and integrate the most effective digital tools with core values to attain a competitive ...

Using Macromedia Authorware 3 5

Author: Robert S. Zielinski
Publisher: Que Pub
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... 227 Use Movie Palette (Play Movie options), 407 User Control (Video), 483 V
Variable List, organizing, 374 variables, 367, 373-378 assigning values, 377
categories (organizing) All, 374 Custom, 374 Decision, 374 File, 374 Framework,
374 General, 374 Graphics, 374 Icons, 374 Interaction, 374 Time, 374 Video, 374
ChoiceNumber, 379 ClickX and ClickY, 379-380 custom creation, 376-377 Date,
380 EntryText, 380 FileLocation, 380-381 HofTextClicked, 381 IconID, 381
IconTitle, ...

A Guided Tour Of Multimedia Systems And Applications

Author: Borivoje Furht
Publisher: IEEE Computer Society
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Note that the Prime-Minister value of this video-object becomes Japanese
statesman based on the generalization hierarchy shown in Section 4 since the
Prime-Minister values of the original video-objects are Kakuei Tanaka and Takeo
Miki. Since the {merge} operation is applied ... The system displays the ten sub-
video-object icons, each of which denotes a resultant of interval projection of the
original video-object onto ten overlapping intervals. (Here, the frame interval of
the original ...

Proceedings Of The Fourth European Conference On Software Maintenance And Reengineering

Author: Jürgen Ebert
Publisher: IEEE
ISBN: 9780769505466
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The Authorware IDE provides a File Setup command that returns information on
the current module, including the total number of icons in the module. Collecting
data for ... To find this information a depth first search of the source code was
performed, counting all audio and video icons linked to a library in the process.
The second ... 4.2 Data Analysis In analyzing the data collected from Products A
and B, the collected data were compared against the threshold values shown in
Table 1 .

Microsoft Frontpage Version 2002 Inside Out

Author: Jim Buyens
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Chapter 18: Controlling Overall Page Appearance When the visitor adds any
page from your server to his or her Favorites, your icon will appear next to the link
in both the Favorites menu and the Favorites pane (which appears at the left side
of the ... Values. The proper combination of red, green, and blue light can
perfectly simulate any color humans can perceive. Computer video equipment
leverages this effect to display color pictures. For each pixel (picture element) on
the monitor ...