Vietnam War Almanac

Author: James H. Willbanks
ISBN: 9780816082483
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Chronologically records Vietnamese history and American military involvement, with profiles of key individuals and lists of medal of honor recipients.

Music In American Life An Encyclopedia Of The Songs Styles Stars And Stories That Shaped Our Culture 4 Volumes

Author: Jacqueline Edmondson Ph.D.
Publisher: ABC-CLIO
ISBN: 0313393486
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Antiwar Songs Although antiwar songs appeared before America's entrance into
World Wars I and II (e.g., the 1915 hit “I Didn't Raise My ... the 1941 album Songs
for John Doe by the Almanac Singers), the impulse to protest diminished greatly
after America entered those wars. The Almanacs pulled John Doe after Germany
invaded the Soviet Union. ... But it was the Vietnam War in which songwriters of
various genres galvanized the antiwar movement in song after song: the folk
songs ...

Air Power Journal

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This book cogently reminds us of honor and shame, of virtue and vice, of courage
and cowardice. ... considerable talents as a chronicler of recent American wars in
two very useful compilations—The Korean War Almanac and The Vietnam War
Almanac. ... One of the strengths of Summers's two earlier ”almanacs” was the
definitiveness of most entries, a direct result from his distance in time from the

Guide To Reference Materials For School Library Media Centers

Author: Barbara Ripp Safford
Publisher: Libraries Unlimited
ISBN: 9781563085451
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The stated purpose of this work is to describe how the war touched and shaped
the American way of life and the American character, but despite this the
coverage is ... 592 Summers, Harry G. Vietnam War Almanac. New York: ... The
author, a veteran of both wars and a military analyst, uses the same arrangement
for both books. ... The almanacs are excellent tools for secondary teachers and

Reference Books Bulletin

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ALMANACS Almanacs of American Life. 123 Mountain Biker's ... 37 Plunkett's
1nfoTech 1ndustry Almanac. 53 World ... 117 Historical Atlas of the Vietnam War.
120 Historical Atlas ... U.S. Navy, The. 58 West Point Atlas of American Wars, The

Walford S Guide To Reference Material Social And Historical Sciences Philosophy And Religion

Author: Albert John Walford
Publisher: London : Library Association Pub.
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'This fascinating book is the finest military history of the Vietnam War now
available' (Choice, v. .... French and US. involvement in the Vietnam wars 1945-
1954 and 1954-1975 including biographies of the leading personnel, orders of
battle, ... Class No: 959.70(038) Almanacs [7738] SUMMERS, H.G. Vietnam War


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This disturbs us because the stakes are so high, but also reminds us that even
our bravest. brightest. and highest ... Jr., this almanac is the most comprehensive
reference book to date on the Gulf War. ... A noted military analyst, Summers has
published two previous almanacs on the K0rean and Vietnam Wars, as well as
his ...


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during the last part/book are Angelita (now using her war name La Escapi'a) and
the twin brothers Tacho and El Feo, who ... Asia, and the Americas; Rambo (Roy),
a schizophrenic Anglo-American Vietnam veteran who recruits an army of
homeless ... to detect the dead to TV talk shows and whose main task is to
translate and recover one of the ancient Mayan almanacs, ... The final section of
Almanac problematizes the fact that the various political strategies in the "war to
retake the ...

Multicultural Review

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Student Almanacs Student Almanac of African American History. Volume 1: From
Slavery ... Chapter One in the second volume on Native American history, for
example, is titled "Fight No More Forever: The Indian Wars for the West, 1839-