Vietnam War Almanac

Author: James H. Willbanks
Publisher: Skyhorse Publishing Inc.
ISBN: 1620876426
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Presents a chronological record of Vietnamese history, the Vietnam War, and American military involvement in it, with profiles of key individuals and lists of Medal of Honor recipients.

The Odyssey Of Echo Company

Author: Doug Stanton
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1476761930
Size: 58.77 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Vietnam War Almanac: An In-Depth Guide to the Most Controversial Conflict in
American History. New York: Skyhorse Publishing, 2009. Wirtz, James J. The Tet
Offensive: Intelligence Failure in War. Ithaca, NY: Cornell University Press, 1991.
Worth, Richard. Tet Offensive. Philadelphia: Chelsea House Publications, 2002.
Young, Marilyn B. The Vietnam Wars: 1945–1990. New York: HarperCollins,
1991. Young, Marilyn B., and Robert Buzzanco, eds. A Companion to the
Vietnam War.

The History Buff S Guide To The Presidents

Author: Thomas R. Flagel
Publisher: Sourcebooks, Inc.
ISBN: 1402271433
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Top Ten Rankings of the Best, Worst, Largest, and Most Controversial Facets of
the American Presidency Thomas R. Flagel. 98. 100. 102. 104. 105. 106. 112.
123. ... Summers, VietnamWarAlmanac, 227; Tucker, Encyclopedia of the
Vietnam War,7. 103. Fisher, Presidential War Power, 85; Truman quoted in
Ferrell, Harry S. Truman: ALife, 329. Tucker,Encyclopedia ofAmerican
MilitaryHistory, 467–68; Morris,Readings inAmerican Military History, 276–79.
Deathtolls fromBrogan,World ...

United States History

Author: Anna H. Perrault
Publisher: Libraries Unlimited
ISBN: 9781563088742
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Every aspect of the war's history: military, political, social, diplomatic, and
strategic aspects are covered. The volume is illustrated with 21 maps and more
than 120 photographs. Summers, an infantry colonel who served in Vietnam
covers controversial matters with respect to the U.S. armed forces and provides
sensitive insights on the antiwar movements. The work is a standard reference
source for readers at any level. 539. The War in Vietnam. Anthony O. Edmonds.
Westport, CT: ...

Guide To Microforms In Print

Author: Irene Izod
Publisher: K G Saur Verlag Gmbh & Co
ISBN: 9783598116971
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HERNANDO The history of the union bank of Scotland / Rart, Robert Sangster -
Glasgow, J. Smith, 1930 - 1 - us UW Library [941| History of the union pacific
railway / White, Henry Kirke - Chicago: University of Chicago Press. ... 1848 [mf
ed 1992] - 2mf - 9 - 0-524-03353-6 - (in english) - nrfrf 1990-0934 - us ATLA [240]
The Mstory of the Vietnam war : historical accounts ot america's most
controversial military conflict / Pike, Douglas - [mf ed UMIJ - 365.000p In 8 units -
9 - (with separate ...

Kliatt Young Adult Paperback Book Guide

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The final section, which constitutes the major portion of the book, is an
alphabetically arranged topical guide to the war. The work is a well -organized,
balanced treatment of a controversial subject. The emphasis is on American
involvement, but side issues and topics are well handled. Most of the biographies
in the third section include a photograph. Vietnam War Almanac provides much-
needed unbiased information for the interested student. D.A.H. TRAKIN, Roy.
Tom Hanks.

Abuse Your Illusions

Author: Russ Kick
Publisher: Red Wheel Weiser
ISBN: 1609258789
Size: 69.92 MB
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A March 1938 survey showed that 41 percent of Americans believed that “Jews
have too much power in the United States," and a US Army poll taken asthe war
was ending, in September 1945, found that an astonishing 22 percent of Gls
thought the Nazi treatment ofthe Jews wasjustified. Another 10 percent labeled
themselves“unsure."£'A December 1945 Fortune poll revealed that nearly 23
percent of Americans questioned wished the US could have dropped “many
more [atomic ...

Library Journal

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$18.95. EQ □ The Retirement Handbook: How To Maximize Your Assets and
Protect Your Quality of Life. Aug. 1998. 256a ISBN 1-880559-96-X. pap. $18.95.
En □ The Writer's Legal Guide. 2d ed. Nov. 1998. 320p. ISBN 1-58115-004-0.
$19.95. ... The bulk of the encyclopedia follows a traditional format, emphasizing
military affairs in nearly 1000 entries from "A Shau Valley" to "Elmo Zumwalt Jr."
Quite simply, the largest reference on America's most controversial conflict. □
Clinical ...

The Leatherneck

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KOREAN WAR ALMANAC. By Harry G. Summers Jr., Colonel of Infantry, U.S.
Army (Ret). Published by Facts On File. 330 pages. Paperback with maps and
photographs. Stock *2463. $13.45 MCA Members. $14.95 Son-members. For the
past year, Leatherneck has been observing the 40th anniversary sf the ...
Summers points this out by comparing references; "as of 1982, less than 10 years
after the American withdrawal, the bibliographic guide had some 6,000 entries for

Forthcoming Books

Author: Rose Arny
Size: 57.39 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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(American Issues Debated Ser.). (J) Jan. 1998, write for info. (0.8172-4353-4)
Raintree Steck-W. Magnus, Erica. The Crossing. LC 94-42372, (J). Date not set
write for info (0-688-13927-2); lib.bdg. write for info (0-688-13928-0) Lothrop.
Quiri .... The Documentary History of the Truman Presidency Wol 16: Cold War
Confrontation - Truman, Stalin & the Berlin Airlift. Date not set. 17500 (1-556.55-
582-n U Pubns Amer. Gardner. Lloyd C. * Gittinger, Ted, eds. Vietnam. The Early