Violent Behavior And Mental Illness

Author: American Psychiatric Association
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hether mentally ill persons are likely to commit violent acts in the community is an
enduring, central issue in mental health law. Evidence about the strength of
mental illness as a risk factor for violence is a pivotal point in debate about the
appropriate use of involuntary hospitalization (1). Moreover, the contours of the
relationship of mental illness and community violence are critical to the design of
newer, community-based efforts to control violence by the mentally ill. For the last
15 ...

Violence And Mental Disorder

Author: John Monahan
Publisher: University of Chicago Press
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This study reviews two decades of research on mental disorder and offers new empirical and theoretical work that will pave the way for more accurate predictions of violent behavior.

Gun Violence And Mental Illness

Author: Liza H. Gold
Publisher: American Psychiatric Pub
ISBN: 1615370633
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(2013) examined the effects of medication and outpatient mental health services
on arrests among 4,056 Florida adults with schizophrenia and bipolar disorder.
They found that medication possession and receipt of outpatient services
reduced the likelihood of any misdemeanor or felony arrests. As in other studies
of violent behavior in the population with mental illness, this study assessed
likelihood of all arrests rather than arrests specifically related to gun violence.
Swanson et al.

Neurobiology Of Violence

Author: Jan Volavka
Publisher: American Psychiatric Pub
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The second edition of Neurobiology of Violence synthesizes current research on the origins of violence and reveals its implications for managing aggressive patients and minimizing risk.

Treating Mental Illness And Behavior Disorders In Children And Adults With Mental Retardation

Author: Anton Do en
Publisher: American Psychiatric Pub
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Similar differences between community-based samples and selective samples
are reported for aggressive behavior. These contrasting figures raise doubts
about the intrinsic relationship between behavioral disorders and mental
retardation. Moreover, a considerable overlap is found between aggressive and
auto-aggressive behavior in most if not all clinical studies (Ny- han 1976; Sovner
1990; Stone et al. 1989). Aggression and auto-aggression occur frequently in
clinical psychiatry.


Author: Theodore Millon
Publisher: Guilford Press
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Behavior: Threats. and. Solutions. WILLIAM. H. REID. I have devoted a significant
portion of my professional life to understanding violence and antisocial behavior,
and to treating or rehabilitating its perpetrators. I have commented on and treated
... of violence are seen as "fair game" for conservative societal action to decrease
crime; others are seen as special because of the status of the perpetrator or
setting (e.g., some juvenile offenders, abused women, persons with mental

The American Psychiatric Publishing Textbook Of Psychosomatic Medicine

Author: James L. Levenson
Publisher: American Psychiatric Pub
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Psychiatric Care of the Medically Ill James L. Levenson. TABLE 7–1. Terms used
in this chapter Aggression Violence Domestic violence Hostile, threatening, and
violent behaviors directed at another person or objects, often with no (or trivial)
provocation Overt physical aggression directed at another person or object A
continuum of behaviors directed against an intimate partner, ranging from verbal
abuse, to threats and intimidation, to sexual assault and violence A state of ...

The Role Of Co Occurring Substance Abuse And Mental Illness In Violence

Author: Institute of Medicine
Publisher: National Academies Press
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Violence makes news. With disturbing frequency, violent acts and their aftermath
of pain and suffering fill our local and national news. All too often, the reported
violence is perpetrated by an individual with a history of mental illness, substance
abuse, or both. This connection raises public concerns about the role of mental
illness and substance abuse in violent behavior. Although it is evident that a
complex linkage occurs among violence and co-occurring drug abuse and
mental illness ...

Mental Illness And Public Health Care

Author: James M. Humber
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
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Some, for example, believe that it is best to err on the side of caution in seeking to
prevent violent acts by the mentally ill, whereas others are convinced that it is
enormously important to allow patients maximal freedom.24 Despite the
difficulties, a number of elaborate research programs have undertaken to identify
the factors most closely associated with violent behavior by the mentally ill and to
radically increase the accuracy of attempts to predict violent behavior. One study
was able ...