Popular Science

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(Ten minutes.) The Spratt Family's Pork Jack's capacity for lean pork is V» minus
1/4o, or V 10 of a barrel per week, so that he can ... At the end of five weeks,
therefore, there will be left just Viz of a barrel of fat, which will suffice Mr. and Mrs.
Spratt for five days. ... if The big opportunity you've always wanted — to make
extra money, BIG MONEY, in your spare time, at home. ... 744 Bell St., . Plymouth,
Bell St..

Scientific American

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"A 7 i7 7 V - '~ We hereby present engravings of Philips' - ' Fire Annihilator, which
is makingso much noise in our country at ... while -- —|- '——_l ' ' "' V v; , l ,
dermflmomhs. i Z intermixed with steam, upon or about any , ' 7 i if 7 7 V ' '10/
burning mass ... s o woo c arcoa j have a high and noble object in view, viz., to 1;
2 § % coke, pounded fine; sixty pounds of good ... j is a comically-formed vessel
having its larger end open and made of a bell-mouth or spreading form and
perforated; k is ...

The New Zealand Journal

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12 12 0 0 0 0 0 0 40 0 2 0 0 16 0 1 10 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 30 0 0 90 0 0
0 0 60 2 Tea — Hyson, per chest 0 0 0 Tobacco. .... licies were issued, producing,
in pre- £ a. d. ' roiums - - w 8,839 is 1 1 In Ate second year, ending Christinas,
1891,497 ... EMIGRANTS, FARMERS, and others v are invited to inspect DEAN &
EVANS'S Patent Portable Hand Mill, which ... Large Bell Tents complete, at -Vis
each ; New Sets of Bullock Harness, consisting of Collar, Haimes, and Traces, at
0e ...

Winslow S A Comprehensive Tamil And English Dictionary

Author: Miron Winslow
Publisher: Asian Educational Services
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The cardinal, arithmetical rules, viz. ... 10. One of the ten Qurgāsā, or series of
poetry auspicious or the contrary according to the feet of which it is composed. ...
(6) g (fire), ge sawth, a foot consisting of one floor, one Gst and one fleer—as
worshaaff; this portends a loss of health. ... v. noun. [prov, impr. fo sons.] Ringing
—as a large bell; pealin somorous and coarse; clanging—as a larg brass vessel,
door, ...

Handbuch Der Classischen Bibliographie Th 1 Abt Lateinische Schriftsteller A L

Author: Franz Ludwig Anton Schweiger
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Salustius two most worthy and notable histories which remaine unmained to
posterity, viz. the conspiracie of Cataline and the warre with Jugurth. ... V Bookes
of Historicall fragments. ... C. C. Sallust's History of the Catiline end Jugurthine
Wars translated by Henry Lee. (With the Latin Text.) 4. London, Hitch 1744. 10 Sh
. 6d. A new Translation of the Works of Sallust with large explanatory notes, and a
review of the Roman hi story from ... Edinburgh, printed for J. Bell and W. Creech

A Dictionary Of The Holy Bible

Author: John Brown
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ApmiiM Mucin* them to hrutal slavery, Iloe v. ... The binding of the aioWtn bundles
, or hand and foot, and catting than into bell, imports their deprivation of all Liberty
... Some of them Jre sinking birds, wliich especially warhle forth; their notes in the
end of spring and hrginiung of] susiovr, ... viz. the etigle or horned owl, great,
middle, and little owl ; howlet, common brown owl, white owl, big brown ow]. little

The Magazine Of Natural History And Journal Of Zoology Botany Mineralogy Geology And Meteorology

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LONDON. 1 rom tlie applications made to ... The Council will before the end of
the Set- mon declare the qualifications necessary for competitors for this ...
nominated by Proprietors : those not nominated pay an addition upon those Fees
according to the following scale: viz. If the Class- Fee be 1/. an addition of 6s, if
21. an addition of 1 Ot., and so forth. But this extra payment ceases so soon as it
amounts to V. 10».

Cape Of Good Hope Government Gazette

Author: Cape of Good Hope (Colony)
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The Field-cornetcies of Kluitjes Kraal and Under Riverzonder-End. At the Place of
Mr. P. SwANEpoEL, On Wednesday 17th Feb. ... EIN Execution of the Judgments
of the Supreme - Court in the under-mentioned Cases, the following Sales will
take place, viz : CARE DISTRICT. ... 25 Oxen, 7 Cows, and 3 Calves, 7 horses, a
Saddle and Bridle; the produce of 10 muids of W heat now growing on
Defendant's Place, &c. &c. ... MICHIEL JOSEPH ADENDORFF versus the said

The Spectator

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Crossword 645 Masses by Mass Prize: £10 — or a copy of Chambers Dictionary,
1983 edition (write 'Dictionary' under name ... cruel whip (7) 25 Partially blue
veins backed old fist (5) 26 Massive bell decked with copper minutiae (5) 31
Constellation probed ... (W. S. Brownlie) r •V 10 To draw out all the metal, right
out, causes fatigue (10) 15 Prince is dividing genuine ... (8, hyphened) 22 Strike,
according to a bloke (7) 23 Grooved rail turned up, note, in cot (8) 27 One brick-
end in south ...

The New British Channel Pilot

Author: John Stephenson
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fThe Sctttb-Wtji Buoy of the Brake is alfb im>ved about half a mile to -lire S "K.'W. •
witfl-rlre following marks, viz. tlie ... In Steering from rfie North Foreland 10 \\tfGaU
-Jlrtam, you will find very irregular <imir»i1ing3. ... Themnrfcs foi the buoy on the
North end are, St. La-ivtencc's *1 Chttrfh on with the North Clilf of Ramfgale, or a
little to the northward of Harriott ... and, in addition to the three lights, in foggy or
hazy weather, a large bell will be kept confhmly ringing on board of Lcr, to warn ...