Why Philanthropy Matters

Author: Zoltán J. Ács
Publisher: Princeton University Press
ISBN: 0691148627
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With timely and well-grounded arguments, this breakthrough book offers a new vision of philanthropy's place in American economic thought.

Philanthropy Matters

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She attributes the difference between perception and findings to the study's
methodology. In most studies of this type, the big picture is clouded because
there are many types of nonprofit organizations that are structurally different from
each other. In the Center on Philanthropy study, the organizations were grouped
by type, allowing researchers to remove organizations formed exclusively for
fundraising, such as United Way and foundations, and organizations that receive
a significant ...


Author: Darrell M. West
Publisher: Brookings Institution Press
ISBN: 0815725817
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America's Wealthiest Donors ...

Effective Philanthropy

Author: Mary Ellen S. Capek
Publisher: MIT Press (MA)
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Organizational Success Through Deep Diversity And Gender Equality Mary Ellen
S. Capek, Molly Mead Women & Philanthropy. Introduction Philanthropy is a
Greek word whose origins literally mean "love for mankind. ... health, education,
arts, and culture as well as both systemic and charitable efforts to alleviate
poverty and improve people's lives.1 Why Philanthropy Matters Foundations are
stewards of resources that would otherwise be added to federal and state

The Seven Faces Of Philanthropy

Author: Russ Alan Prince
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Aside from these advisory networks, some Communitarians are turning to
specialists in philanthropic advisory services. These individuals, who often come
from the financial services/legal fields, concentrate on advising the wealthy in
philanthropic matters and have established competence in the area. Other
professional philanthropic advisors have entered this business from the world of
fund raising and foundations. Their expertise concerning the nonprofit sector is
what they offer.

Patterns Of Corporate Philanthropy

Author: James T. Bennett
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If philanthropic matters are of major concern to insurance companies, however,
why did three (Continental, Transamerica, and Travelers) make no grants in this
category? Also, Aetna and CIGNA supported both the Manhattan Institute for
Policy Research, a multi-issue group rated classical liberal (8), and the
Committee for Economic Development, rated liberal to center-left (3.5).
Chemicals Other industries exhibit the same sorts of "confusion" and
contradictions in their contributions ...

The Role Of The Planned Giving Professional Serving Nonprofit Organizations And Their Donors

Author: Gordon D. Chavers
Publisher: Jossey-Bass
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Transfer of Wealth, Researcher Estimates." Chronicle of Philanthropy, July 30,
1998. "Young and ...


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matic newcomer to the field of philanthropy. Six months ago, he was known as a
lawyer in Chicago who had successfully defended the Navy in a $57,- 000,000
action by 1,500 men who had been captured by the Japanese. When he was
invited to act as general counsel for the Foundation hearings at Washington, he
entered the philanthropic field as an objective lawyer seeking facts and
information. He impressed veterans by his firm grasp of philanthropic matters and
his far-seeing ...

Change Elections To Change America Democracy Matters

Author: Jay R. Mandle
Publisher: Easton Studio Press, LLC
ISBN: 1935212028
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With this history in mind, we hoped that Democracy Matters would contribute to
the creation of a movement that would democratize the country's political system.
But by the time Democracy ... Craig Jenkins hascalled “socialmovement
philanthropy” playedapartin thetransition.19 Philanthropic grants to social
movement—type organizations skyrocketed during thesame yearsthat grassroots
mobilizations declined, and the new organizational model became dominant.
The dollar value of ...

Political Science Quarterly

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Using the newly opened Rockefeller archives, Brown is able to document the
actual dynamics of foundation involvement in the nascent medical-care system.
He highlights the role of Frederick T. Gates, the chief aide to John D. Rockefeller
on philanthropic matters, in getting the elder Rockefeller, along with his son, to
give financial support to scientific medicine. Scientific medicine based on the
germ theory of disease, Brown argues, was an ideal ideological tool for
capitalists during an ...