Writings 1902 1910

Author: William James
Publisher: Library of America
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Examines the role of religion in human lives, the nature of the universe, truth, pragmatism, war, politics, and metaphysics

Science God S Hard Gift

Author: Frederick R. Bauer
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The content in this collection is from the critical edition of James' works, published
by Harvard University Press between 1975 and 1988. (Abbreviated as Writings I.)
James, William, Writings 1902-1910. New York: The Library of America, 1987. It
has complete, pre-1975 editions of The Varieties of Religious Experience,
Pragmatism, A Pluralistic Universe, The Meaning of Truth, and Some Problems of
Philosophy, plus selected, important essays of James. (Abbreviated as Writings II.
) ...

Brief Therapy And Beyond

Author: Michael F. Hoyt
Publisher: Routledge
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James, W. (1890). The principles of psychology (Vol. 2). Troy, MO: Holt, Rinehart,
& Winston. James, W. (1987a). A world of experience. In William James: Writings
19021910 (pp. 1159–1182). (B. Kluklick, Ed.) New York: Library of the
Americas. (essay originally published 1904) James, W. (1987b). William James:
Writings 19021910: The varieties of religious experience/pragmatism/a
pluralistic universe/the meaning of truth/some problems of philosophy/Essays (B.
Kluklick, Ed.).

American Philosophy An Encyclopedia

Author: Centennial Professor of Philosophy John Lachs, PH.D
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1135948879
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4: 1929/The Quest for Certainty, ed. Jo Ann Boydston. Carbondale, IL: Southern
Illinois University Press, 1988. Emerson, Ralph Waldo. ''On Self-Reliance'' (1841)
in Emerson's Essays. New York: Harper Perennial, 1981. James, William. ''What
Pragmatism Means'' in William James: Writings 19021910: The Varieties of
Religious Experience / Pragmatism / A Pluralistic Universe / The Meaning of
Truth / Some Problems of Philosophy / Essays. New York: Library of America,
1988 [1906] ...

Beyond Constructivism

Author: Richard A. Lesh
Publisher: Psychology Press
ISBN: 9780805838220
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James, W. (1918). The principles of psychology. (Reprint, August 1982). Harvard
University. James, W. (1982). In H. S. Thayer (Ed.) Pragmatism: The classic
writings (pp. 123-250). Indianapolis, IN: Hackett Publishing Company. James, W.
(1987). The varieties of religious experience / Pragmatism /A Pluralistic Universe
/ The Meaning of Truth /Some Problems of Philosophy / Essays (Library of
America) by William James. In B. Kuklick (Ed.) William James (Writings 1902-

The Birth Of Imagination

Author: Bruce Holsapple
Publisher: University of New Mexico Press
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William James: Writings 19021910: The Varieties of Religious Experience,
Pragmatism, A Pluralistic Universe, The Meaning of Truth, Some Problems of
Philosophy, Essays. Ed. Bruce Kuklick. New York: Library of America, 1987.
Jaussen, Paul. “'Allow Intelligence to Survive': Life's Language in Williams and
Tzara.” William Carlos Williams Review 28.1–2 (Spring/Fall 2008): 17–33. Jay,
Paul L. “American Modernism and the Uses of History: The Case of William
Carlos Williams.

Words At The Threshold

Author: Lisa Smartt
Publisher: New World Library
ISBN: 1608684601
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Page 97 “dazzling obscurity”: William James, William James: Writings, 1902
1910: The Varieties of Religious Experience/Pragmatism/A Pluralistic Universe/
The Meaning of Truth/Some Problems of Philosophy/Essays (New York: Library
of America, 1988), 379. Page 97 “We delight in nonsense”: Moody, “Making
Sense of Nonsense” (unpublished manuscript, 2013), 7. Page 98 what Will
Taegel calls “trans-sense”: Will Taegel, in conversations with Raymond Moody (
Greece, October ...

Commonwealth And Covenant

Author: Marcia Pally
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William James developed his sociopsychology from the pragmatist claim that
people determine the truth of an idea from its results, from what happens when it
is put into effect.75 If water here boils at 100 degrees Centigrade as best as we ...
I. Skrupskelis (Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 1975-1988); W. James,
Writings: 1902-1910: “The Varieties of Religious Experience”; “Pragmatism”; “
Some Problems of Philosophy”; “A Pluralist Universe”; “The Meaning of Truth”; “
Essays,” ed.

Dancing Past The Dark

Author: Nancy Evans Bush
Publisher: BookBaby
ISBN: 0985191708
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Distressing Near-Death Experiences Nancy Evans Bush. Holy Bible: New
International Version. (1993). Grand Rapids ... William James: Writings 1902-
1910: The varieties of religious experience / Pragmatism/A pluralistic universe/
The meaning of truth / Some problems of philosophy/Essays. New York: Library
of America. Jaspers, K. Retrieved from http://www.newworldencyclopedia.org/
entry/Axial_Age September 5, 2009 Jung, C. (1933). The spiritual problem of
modern man, Modern.

William James S Springs Of Delight

Author: Phil Oliver
Publisher: Vanderbilt University Press
ISBN: 9780826513663
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Works, 1976 ERM Essays in Religion and Morality. Works, 1982 MT The
Meaning of Truth. Works, 1975 P Pragmatism. Works, 1975 PBC Psychology:
Briefer Course. Works, 1984 PI' Principles of Psychology. Works, 1983 PU A
Pluralistic Universe. Works, 1977 SPP Some Problems of Philosophy. Works, 1
979 IT Talks to Teachers on Psychology and to Students on Some of Lifes Ideals.
Works, 1983 VRE The Varieties of Religious Experience. Works, 1985 WB The
Will to Believe and ...