William Of Malmesbury S Chronicle Of The Kings Of England

Author: William (of Malmesbury)
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From the Earliest Period to the Reign of King Stephen William (of Malmesbury)
John Allen Giles. TRANSLATOR S PREFACE. IX may be found traces of at least
four several editions ; and the " History of the Prelates " supplies nearly as many
varieties. And though it may reasonably be imagined that 3. De Gestis Pontificum.
The History of the Prelates of England containing, in four books, an account of the
bishops, and of the principal monasteries, from the conversion of the English, ...

The Medieval Chronicle

Author: Erik Kooper
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[The text is currently being reedited for Oxford Medieval Texts by Edmund King.] .
Willelmi Malmesbiriensis Monachi De gestis pontificum anglorum. Ed. N. E. S. A.
Hamilton. Rolls Series. London: Longman, 1870. . William of Malmesbury 's
Chronicle of the Kings of England from the earliest period to the reign of King
Stephen. Trans. J. A. Giles. London: Henry G. Bohn. Secondary literature Brown,
E. A. R. (1988). 'Falsitas pia sive reprehensibilis: medieval forgers and their

Witchcraft In Europe 400 1700

Author: Alan Charles Kors
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SOURCE: William of Malmesbury 's Chronicle of the Kings of England, trans. I. A.
Giles (London, 1847), 230-32. FURTHER READING: Peters, The Magician, the
Witch, and the Law, 29-33; lohn O. Ward, "Some Principles of Rhetorical
Historiography in the Twelfth Century," in Classical Rhetoric and Medieval
Historiography, ed. Ernst Breisach (Kalamazoo, 1985), 103-65; Rodney Thomson
, William of Malmesbury [Woodbridge and Wolfeboro, 1987), 22- 23; Antonia
Gransden, ...

Encyclopedia Of Medieval Literature

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William recognized Bede as the only professional historian of Britain prior to his
time and found the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle too crude for his liking, but he used
both sources to create his histories, which include many lively, if sometimes
uncredible, stories. He acknowledged many of his sources in a manner similar to
Bede's and found every variety of ... Lanham, MD: University Press of America,
1980; William of Malmesbury. William of Malmesbury 's Chronicle of the Kings of
England ...

The Arthurian Name Dictionary

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WilliamM William of 1125 Chronicle of British history includes a brief mention of
Arthur and the first appearance of Gawain. An interpolation contains a story of
Yder and Glastonbury. Arthur Gawain William of Malmesbury. William of
Malmesbury 's Chronicle of the Kings of England, ed. and trans. J. A. Giles.
London: Bonn, 1847. Malmesbury Gesta Regum Latin chronicle Anglorum ("
Deeds of the Kings of England") Wimt Wimt von early 13th c. German verse
Wigalois, son of Gawain, ...

The New Historians Of The Twelfth Century Renaissance

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William of Jumieges et al., The Gesta Normannorum Ducum of William of
Jumieges, Orderic Vitalis, and Robert of Torigni, ed. Elisabeth M. C. van Houts,
OMT, 2 vols (Oxford 1992-95). William of Malmesbury, Gesta regum Anglorum,
ed. W. Stubbs, RS 90, 2 vols (London 1887-9). Previous edition: J. A. Giles,
William of Malmesbury 's Chronicle of the Kings of England (London 1 866).
William of Poitiers, Gesta Guillelmi, ed. R. H. C. Davis and M. Chibnall, OMT (
Oxford 1998); previous ...

Chronicle Of The Kings Of England From The Earliest Period To The Reign Of King Stephen

Author: William (of Malmesbury)
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William (of Malmesbury) John Allen Giles ! wiLLIAM of MALMESBURY:s:
THE REIGN OF KING STEPHEN QRíti) Notes ant; if IIustrations. BY J. A. GILES,
D.C.L., 1ATE Fellow of corpus CHRISTI college, oxford. LONDON GEORGE
BELL AND SONS : : : r : - t Reprinted from Stereotype 1895.

Slavery In Early Mediaeval England

Author: David Anthony Edgell Pelteret
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Presumably because of the tolls that it gave him, the trade was profitable to the
king, and William of Malmesbury declares that he would have been unlikely to
have prohibited it 'had not Lanfranc commended it, and Wulfstan, powerful from
his sanctity of character, commanded it by episcopal authority'.153 The ... Finally,
in 1 102 the Council of Westminster completely outlawed the trade in England. ...
329) (text); William of Malmesbury 's Chronicle of the Kings of England, transl.
Giles, p.

Early Modern Northern English Lexis

Author: Javier Ruano-García
Publisher: Peter Lang
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Giles, William John A. (ed) 2008. William of Malmesbury 's Chronicle of the Kings
of England. Charlestone: Bibliobazaar. Gladstone, Jo 1991. 'New World of
English Words': John Ray, FRS, the Dialect Protagonist, in the Context of his
Times (1658-1691). In Burke, Peter / Peter, Roy (eds) Language, Self and Society
. A Social History of Language. Cambridge: Polity Press, 1 15-153. Glauser, Beat
1974. The Scottish-English Linguistic Border: Lexical Aspects. Bern: Francke

Human Biology And History

Author: Malcolm Smith
Publisher: CRC Press
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109); see Malmesbury, Chronicle, 428. 77 Hollister and Keefe, 'Angevin empire';
Orderic Vitalis, Ecclesiastical History, vol. 5, book x, p. 299; vol. 6, book xi, p. 99;
William of Malmesbury, Chronicle of the Kings of England (translated by J. A.
Giles, London, 1847), 7, 145, 160, 216, 305, 337, 428, 447; Henry of Huntington,
Chronicle (translated by T. Forester, New York, 1853), book viii, 261–2, 335;
Gesta Stephani (edited and translated by K. R. Potter and R. H. C. Davis, Oxford,
1976), i.