Williamson On Modality

Author: Mark McCullagh
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In addition, it contains an original essay by Williamson, Modal science, concerning the role of modal claims in natural science. This book was originally published as a special issue of the Canadian Journal of Philosophy.

Modal Logic As Metaphysics

Author: Timothy Williamson
Publisher: OUP Oxford
ISBN: 0191057401
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The book contains detailed historical discussion of how the metaphysical issues emerged in the twentieth century development of quantified modal logic, through the work of such figures as Rudolf Carnap, Ruth Barcan Marcus, Arthur Prior, and ...

A Critical Introduction To The Metaphysics Of Modality

Author: Andrea Borghini
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing
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Williamson, T. (2013), Modal Logic as Metaphysics. Oxford: Oxford University
Press. Williamson, T. (2010), “Modal Logic within Counterfactual Logic”. In B.
Hale and A. Hoffman (eds), Modality: Metaphysics, Logic, and Epistemology.
Oxford: Oxford University Press: 81–96. Williamson, T. (2007a), The Philosophy
of Philosophy. Oxford: Basil Blackwell. Williamson, T. (2007b), “Philosophical
Knowledge and Knowledge of Counterfactuals”. Grazer Philosophische Studien
74: 89–123.


Author: Bob Hale
Publisher: Oxford University Press
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5 Is Timothy Williamson a Necessary Existent? David Efird Timothy Williamson (
2002) has offered an argument for the claim that, necessarily, he exists, that is,
that he is a necessary existent.1 Though this argument has attracted a great deal
of attention (e.g., Rumfitt 2003 and Wiggins 2003), I present a new argument for
the same conclusion which reveals a new way of denying the soundness of
Williamson's argument, one which denies not only that it is necessary that he
exists but ...

Modality And Explanatory Reasoning

Author: Boris Kment
Publisher: OUP Oxford
ISBN: 0191668990
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“Theism and Counterpossibles,” Philosophical Studies 89(1): 87–103.
Williamson, T. (1998). “Bare Possibilia,” Erkenntnis 48: 257–273. Williamson, T. (
1999). “Existence and Contingency,” The Aristotelian Society, suppl. vol. 73: 181
–203. Williamson, T. (2001). “Necessary Existents,” In Logic, Thought, and
Language, ed. by A. O'Hear, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 233–251.
Williamson, T. (2005). “Armchair Philosophy, Metaphysical Modality and
Counterfactual Thinking,” ...

Wissen Was M Glich Ist

Author: Sebastian J. Müller
Publisher: Walter de Gruyter GmbH & Co KG
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Wiggins, David (1980): Sameness and Substance. Cambridge, Mass.: Harvard
University Press. Williams, Bernard (2006): Imagination and the Self. In: Ders. (
2006a), 26-45. Williams, Bernard (2006a): Problems of the Self. Cambridge:
Cambridge University Press. Williamson, Timothy (2002): Peacocke's Theory of
Modality. Philosophy and Phenomenological Research 64, 650-655. Williamson,
Timothy (2005): Armchair Philosophy: Metaphysical Modality and Counterfactual

Grazer Philosophische Studien Vol 86 2012

Author: Johannes L. Brandl
Publisher: Rodopi
ISBN: 9401209189
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of attention.1 However, one aspect of Williamson's account deserves further
examination, namely the status of what he calls 'background knowledge' and '
constitutive facts'. These will be the focus of our discussion, with special attention
to the role of physical possibility and conceivability. First, Williamson's account
will be sketched, and an analysis of the role of background knowledge in his
account will be provided. Second, it will be argued that unaccounted modal
knowledge is ...

Knowledge Through Imagination

Author: Amy Kind
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 019871680X
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For one thing, his own claim to the contrary notwithstanding, Williamson's favored
approach fails to answer this question in just the same way. I argue that this is so
in Section 4. In Section 5, I'll suggest why I think it's just fine to leave this question
open at this stage. 4. Counterfactuals and Modality Williamson's preferred (2007)
approach, following that of Hill (2006), emphasizes connections between
metaphysical modality and counterfactuals. The capacity to evaluate
counterfactual ...

Essays On A Priori Knowledge And Justification

Author: Albert Casullo
Publisher: OUP USA
ISBN: 0199777861
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Therefore, Williamson's account presupposes, rather than explains, our capacity
for modal knowledge.12 Williamson's account is open to this problem because it
mislocates the epistemological fact that requires explanation. It mislocates the
modal knowledge that is characteristic of philosophical investigation. The goal of
Williamson's conceivability test is to provide an account of knowledge of modal
propositions of the form ☐A, such as (13) Necessarily, gold is the element with
atomic ...

Content And Modality

Author: Judith Thomson
Publisher: Clarendon Press
ISBN: 0191515736
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Modality. with. Quantification. and. Identity∗. Timothy. Williamson. 0. Logic is
sometimes conceived as metaphysically neutral, so that nothing controversial in
metaphysics is logically valid. That conception devastates logic. Just about every
putative principle of logic has been contested on metaphysical grounds.
According to some, future contingencies violate the law of excluded middle;
according to others, the set of all sets that are not members of themselves makes
a contradiction ...