Written In Water

Author: Irena Salina
Publisher: National Geographic Books
ISBN: 1426206038
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These are all people who are thinking far beyond the realm of self; they are devoted to creating a better world for all of us.

National Geographic

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"My camera might be broken, but these people are ecological refugees." NG
BOOKS Filmmaker Irena Salina brings together the voices of Bill McKibben.
Sylvia Earle, and more in Written in Water: Messages of Hope for Earth's Most
Precious Resource ($26). It's in bookstores now. Next month look for Running
Dry, Jonathan Waterman's account of the Colorado River He chronicles his 2008
trip from source to sea in this book that is at once an adventure saga and a
cautionary tale ($26).

Laudato Si

Author: Franziskus (Papst),
Publisher: Verlag Herder GmbH
ISBN: 345180736X
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Mit großer Spannung wurde sie erwartet, auch von Nicht-Katholiken: Die Umwelt-Enzyklika von Papst Franziskus nimmt die heute entscheidenden Themen in den Blick; es geht um die geht um soziale, ökologische und politische Zusammenhänge.

Popular Science Monthly

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editors note Saving the Ocean Planet We live on a water world, the only such
planet in the solar system. From time immemorial, we have been fed by the sea,
navigated it, feared its power, and marveled at the magically diverse life harbored
there. The sea covers two-thirds of Earth's surface but provides more than 99
percent of Earth's actual living space. ... I hope you enjoy this Ocean Planet issue
and that it helps give you new insights into our planet's most precious resource.


Author: Neal Stephenson
Publisher: Manhattan
ISBN: 3641168759
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Der Asteroid Amalthea, der ursprünglich zu Forschungszwecken an eine internationale Raumstation angedockt worden war, soll der Kolonie als Schutzschild dienen.

Congressional Record

Author: United States. Congress
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According to the American Solar Energy Society, enough sunlight falls on the
earth's surface each minute to meet world energy demand for an entire year. http
:// www.powerhousetv.com/. The above info blows ... I would hope someone or
entity would do Something soon before it is too late. ... Since recycling Conserves
precious natural resources, over the past 9 years, the city has been heating two
shop buildings with used motor oil that residents have placed at the curb for

New Scientist

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Madly affected with a fever to produce more and more technologically advanced
foods at whatever cost to the Earth's resources, including people, mankind
crashes blindly on down suicide avenue. The end is not far off and if a halt is not
called, the Earth will die and die horribly. That, in a nutshell is Bellini's message
and even that is incomplete , for there is no mention of more recent terrors, such
as ozone holes and CFCs. I suppose there is a danger that the book is written too


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To this he has added a radiant message of hope: Damages caused by disasters
or inflicted by man can be repaired quite rapidly because of the innate resilience
of nature. ... on nature's built-in resiliency, and even arrest and correct the fast-
advancing desertification, in most countries the topsoil— the precious few inches
that sustain life on Earth— is being irretrievably lost because of unabated wind
and water erosion, thereby steadily undermining nature's self-healing capability.

Zehn Milliarden

Author: Stephen Emmott
Publisher: Suhrkamp Verlag
ISBN: 3518734105
Size: 38.50 MB
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Stephen Emmott, Leiter eines von Microsoft aufgebauten Forschungslabors und Professor in Oxford, schafft mit »Zehn Milliarden« etwas Einzigartiges: Zum ersten Mal zeichnet ein Experte ein zusammenhängendes, aktuelles und für jeden ...