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They ran at each other to continue the fight when Yaban slammed his rods down
between them. They both jumped back and Shioreta yelled, “What the hell are
you doing? I'm not finished yet.” Kirei said, “Yes, you are. Your ten minutes are up
, ...

37000 Swedish Turkish Turkish Swedish Vocabulary

Author: Jerry Greer
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yaba - högafflar yabalamak - sålla yaban arısı - geting yaban eriği - slånbär
yaban havucu - palsternacka yaban hayatı - vilda djur och växter yaban kedisi -
vildkatt yaban mersini -blåbär yaban öküzü - uroxe yaban ördeği- bläsand
yabanarısı ...

55000 Spanish Turkish Turkish Spanish Vocabulary

Author: Jerry Greer
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yaba - horquillas yabalamak - aventar yaban arısı - avispa yaban eriği - endrino
yaban havucu - chirivía yaban hayatı - fauna silvestre yaban kedisi - gato montés
yaban mersini - arándano yaban öküzü - uro yabanarısı - abejorro yabanasması

Folia Orientalia

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1641: yaban adamisi (iaban adamisi) 'eremita, heremita, romita' (Mol. 134, 175,
362); 1680: yeban adem (jeban adem), potius yeban ademi (jeban ademi) '
sylvestris, agrestis homo, satyrus' (Men. 5559); 1838: yaban adami (yaban
adame) ...

Reading Darwin In Arabic 1860 1950

Author: Marwa Elshakry
Publisher: University of Chicago Press
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See the entry for “Al-Yaban” [Japan], in Fihris Al-Muqtataf, 1876–1952 (Beirut:
AlJamiʿa al-Amirikiya, 1967), 3:618–23. Farag, “Al-Muqtataf,” 308–11. Musa,
Autobiography, 34. Renée Worringer, “Comparing Perceptions: Japan as
Archetype ...

47000 Portuguese Turkish Turkish Portuguese Vocabulary

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yaban arısı - vespa yaban havucu - pastinaga yaban hayatı - animais selvagens
yaban mersini - mirtilo yaban öküzü - auroque yabancı - desconhecido yabancı -
desconhecido yabancı - estrangeiro yabancı - estrangeiro yabancı - estranho ...

When Greeks And Turks Meet

Author: Vally Lytra
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The relationship between the history, culture and peoples of Greece, Turkey and Cyprus is often reduced to an equation which defines one side in opposition to the other.The reality is much more complex and while there have been and remain ...

Novel And Nation In The Muslim World

Author: Daniella Kuzmanovic
Publisher: Springer
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Karaosmano ̆glu's most famous novel Yaban (1977 [1932]) throws into sharp
relief the endlessly referenced abyss between the Turkish elite cadre of teachers,
scholars, army officers, and lawyers, who were secular, educated, Western ...