A Journey Through Yellowstone

Author: David Quammen
Publisher: National Geographic Books
ISBN: 1426217544
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Best-selling author David Quammen takes readers on a breathtaking journey through America's most inspiring and imperilled ecosystem - Yellowstone National Park.

Yellowstone To Yukon

Author: Florian Schulz
Publisher: Braided River
ISBN: 9781594851049
Size: 52.54 MB
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... The Power of Connections / DOUGLAS H. CHADWICK • 43 Refuge: Southern
Y2Y / TED KERASOTE • 60 The Courage of Hope: Central Way / RICK BASS •
110 The Wilder Side of a Wild Walk: Northern Y2Y / KARSTEN HEUER q 148
Dechenla: Land at the End of the Trees / DAVE PORTER q 169 Y2Y Today:
Where We Are and Where We Go from Here / HARVEY LOCKE and GARY
TABOR A Journey Through North America's Wild Heart / FLORIAN SCHULZ
Yellowstone Grizzly q ...

Walking Down The Wild

Author: Gary Ferguson
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A Journey Through the Yellowstone Rockies Gary Ferguson. any I've ever known
, utterly confounded that we ... If we cannot save even this, despite a clear
mandate to do so expressed through hundreds of letters and comments during
and after input meetings with the Forest Service, despite petitions with thousands
of signatures from residents of the region and visitors from around the world, then
truly there is little hope left for the American landscape. Indeed, the entire
Yellowstone ...

Alternatives Journal

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Yellowstone to Yukon Huge conservation initiative aims to maintain biological
connectivity in the wild heart of North America KPI •% I • Jeff Gailus Mk i s A The
Y2Y region is one of the last in the world where significant numbers of human
beings can coexist with a ... SIX O'CLOCK on a May morning, Yellowstone's
Lamar Valley is blissfully quiet. ... They journey here, hundreds of them, from all
over Canada and the United States to answer a deep-seated desire to connect
with wildness.

Slow Road To Brownsville

Author: David Reynolds
Publisher: Greystone Books
ISBN: 1771640537
Size: 79.88 MB
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A Journey Through the Heart of the Old West David Reynolds. 146 use of the
land is not sustainable. They suggest that farms and ranches might be turned
over to their former wild state—gradu- ally and with the agreement and
participation of farmers and ranchers who would be remunerated over a long
period and con- tinue to live on their land—and that wild buffalo be ... return of the
wolves, the ecosystems of Yellowstone and other national parks have quickly
swung back to normal.

Roaming American Playgrounds

Author: John Thomson Faris
Size: 59.26 MB
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The journey through Yellowstone marvels has only begun, for there are yet to
come nearly one hundred miles, past the Obsidian Cliff, along the Obsidian River
, then to Norris Geyser Basin, Gibbon River and Gibbon Falls, the Upper and
Lower ... But how much more there is back from the main-traveled roads — the
Fossil Forest, more geysers, mountains and plateaus, lakes and forests and
wonder streams, and everywhere teeming wild life that rejoices the heart of those
who hunt with ...

Yellowstone Grand Teton National Parks

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Chapters lead you along the Mt Washburn and Fossil Forest hikes, through the
Thorofare and Bechler regions and up into Monument Geyser Basin. For travel
with an environmental slant, Walking Down the Wild: A Journey Through the
Yellowstone Rockies, by Red Lodge resident Gary Ferguson, is one naturalist's
account of his 500-mile trek through the Greater Yellowstone region. Ferguson is
also the author of Hawk's Rest: A Season in the Remote Heart of Yellowstone, an
account ...

Contemporary Authors

Author: Gale Group
Publisher: Gale Cengage
ISBN: 9780787666972
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Hawks Rest: A Season in the Remote Heart of Yellowstone, National Geographic
Adventure Press (Washington, DC), 2003. Also author of Folklore of Medicinal
Plants and Herbs, ... Much of what Ferguson has published falls under the
heading of guidebooks and practical how-to information, but The Sylvan Path: A
Journey through America's Forests offers a broader perspective within the
familiar format of a travelogue. Setting off ostensibly to follow in the tracks of Joe
Knowles, who in ...

The World Book Encyclopedia

Author: Field Enterprises Educational Corporation
ISBN: 9780716600749
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See Latin America (Relations with the United States). COLOUR. See Color.
COLT. See Horse (Horse Terms). COLT ... During this period, he made his
famous exploring journey into the wild countryside and discovered the great
thermal springs area that is now Yellowstone National Park. He also discovered
several passes through the Rocky ... They are large and broad, and downy on the
underside. The leaves are round at first, but later become shaped like a heart or a
colt's foot.

The Wild Ones

Author: John D. Taylor
Size: 11.23 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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The Rough Rider, a former New York dandy politician who spent a portion of his
life running a North Dakota ranch, garnered an appreciation for things wild, now
that the savages had been subdued. Like Thoreau, Roosevelt liked his wild just a
couple of steps out the back door, not several months' journey into unknown
places sketchily placed on a map. Roosevelt set aside a portion of the
Yellowstone area — trapper and explorer John Colter's version of Hell, as well as
heaven ...