Catalog Of Copyright Entries Third Series

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READING House. Your child can learn to read; simplified course in phonics.
Book l-[2] 3d ed. AAl58576-138577. SEE McEathron, Margaret W. READY-CUT
LOG CABIN COMPANY (C). Your log cabin, by Ready-Cut of Oscoda, Michigan;
material, design, erection. l v. , illus. © IFeb50; AAll!?816. READY HUNG DOOR
CORPORATION (C). A manufacturer's prospectus. l v. , illus. (C) 22Aprj0; AAll
996's. REAL ESTATE BOARD OF NEW YORK. ment Division. Apartment vacancy
survey ...

Catalog Of Copyright Entries Part 1 B Group 2 Pamphlets Etc New Series

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(Rev. ed.) 102 p. 6 11-21-46; AA 40659. Veterans guide, by Donald Mace,
Frederick Monroe Kerby and Louis Milton Dorsch. 1946. £) 11-21-46; AA 40659;
new matter: complete rewriting. © Army times pub. co., Washington, D. C.
McEathron, Margaret. Doghouse game; fun with phonics. cards and envelopes in
box. € 8-30-46; Kenworthy educational service, Buffalo; AA 30945. Your child can
learn to read; simplified course in phonics; a textbook for mothers. 2d ed. 1945.
c1944. 48 p.

Report Prepared For The Board Of Education San Francisco Unified School District

Author: San Francisco Curriculum Survey Committee
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62 To establish an adequate reading program, the San Francisco schools might
engage a well-known expert like Mrs. Ramalda Spaulding or Miss Mae Carden to
instruct elementary teachers in a particular phonetic method, or again they might
simply adopt a phonics text which has proved its effectiveness. Margaret
McEathron's Your Child Can Learn to Read, A Simplified Course in Phonics (
Buffalo, N. Y.; Ken- worthy Education Service, Inc. 1952) is not only, interesting
and ...

Help Your Child To Read Better

Author: James Schiavone
Publisher: iUniverse
ISBN: 059500704X
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some critics insist has been used exclusively to the neglect of phonics. As your
child learns these few beginning words he is using the skills which will enable
him to figure out other words which he will soon encounter in his daily reading.
These are the word-recognition skills of which phonics is an essential element.
When your child enters the first grade he will recognize several thousand words
as he hears them spoken and he will know their meanings. What he probably will
not ...

How To Teach Your Baby To Read

Author: Glenn Doman
Publisher: Square One Pub
ISBN: 9780757001857
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The book presents four tenets: "Tiny children can learn to read. Tiny children should learn to read, and tiny children are learning to read."